Locals’ Fear of Losing Livelihoods Forces Cancellation of Meeting on Oil and Gas Supply Base Project

Forever Thanlwin Company Limited was forced to cancel a public consultation last Thursday regarding a planned offshore supply base for oil and gas fields, as local ethnic Mon people in Ye Township continue to oppose the project. The Mon State-based company chose to cancel the event in Ann Din Da Min Seik Village as many […]

Fuel prices, protectionism hobble Myanmar airline industry

Myanmar’s once lucrative airline industry is struggling to stay afloat with many carriers already halving their fares to draw more passengers. A shortage of modern infrastructure and high import bill is driving up the price of jet fuel, making it exceedingly difficult for many local airlines to keep their fleets airborne. Already, the Department of […]

E-commerce market’s slow and steady rise

Rapidly improving internet and connectivity rates are bringing more people online, but changing shoppers’ preferences is still a struggle for online shopping businesses. Companies are crowding in to online shopping in a bid to be Myanmar’s version of Amazon or Alibaba. With all the competition, though, it is increasingly difficult to stand out in an […]