Myanmar Switch to Unicode to Take Two Years: App Developer

Long before the October 1 switch from the Zawgyi font to Unicode in Myanmar, technology experts expected the move to generate some resistance from users. While the change is aimed at expanding communications and enabling greater compatibility with the rest of the world, the process of switching to the new system was expected to bring teething […]

Zawgyi to Unicode: the big switch

Myanmar will make the change to Unicode fonts from the home-grown Zawgyi encoding system on October 1 – a switch that will leave many users outside their comfort zone. A BIG CHANGE is coming to keyboards near you on October 1, when the government and tech industry bodies have instructed that the Unicode encoding system […]

Make sure you don’t get left behind in move to Unicode

Local online users have recently been discussing the planned change on October 1 from the long-used Zawgyi computer font to a unified font conforming to the international standard called Unicode. The government has told mobile service providers, media and content producers, and the tech community to prepare for the adoption of Unicode. All government agencies […]

4 ways to boost e-commerce in Myanmar

e-Commerce industry growth will need banks and telcos to reduce service fees, provide better APIs, and simplify procedures to eliminate the hassle of payments Since 2012, foreign investors have been on a gold rush in Myanmar. GDP has climbed up steadily from US$58.68 billion in 2013, to US$64.33 billion in 2014, then US$64.87 billion in 2015. In July 2016, the new […]

Google Translate adds Myanmar to list of languages

Google Translate has just added 10 more languages including Myanmar to allow internet users to translate text on websites into their own language. In a press release on December 11, Google Translate said they were adding 10 languages to Translate, bringing the total number of supported languages to 90. “Myanmar language has been in the […]