Yangon authorities mull street lockdown over new COVID-19 patient

UPDATED: Yangon authorities have quarantined 26 residents, including 2 children who live on Nilar 1 Street, Ga Ngal quarter in North Okkapala township, at the Bayintnaung Tatmadaw Interrogaton Facility. The township is where the latest confirmed COVID-19 patient, a 63-year-old woman, lived in a hostel, a regional legislator said on Wednesday. “We found the COVID-19 […]

Yangon ‘new cities’ passed on to NLD

Yangon authorities have tried to launch a city expansion project, in various guises, for the past two years, but have met widespread opposition and made little progress. The latest plan, to build seven satellite towns, was made public in July. It was announced shortly after a multi-billion-dollar contract – awarded in 2014 to Chinese investors to […]