Bus-ride nightmares

Outside the bus, the midday sun reflected strongly off the tinted windows. Inside was shaded, but also hot with the faintsmell of sweat hanging in the air. The bus was crowded as usual, constraining, U Nyi Nyi’s arms and legs. Struggling for air, he felt dizzy and collapsed. “I got back on my feet thanks […]

Uber Offers Solution to Yangon Traffic

Uber Myanmar re­cently released a report by Roland Berger that advocates for the use of ridesharing in Yangon, detailing the positive impacts its could have on the city’s chronic traffic. Compiled by interview­ing over 4,700 riders and drivers, the report con­cludes that ride-sharing, or the use of private cars for the public good, es­sentially, the […]

Yangon traffic and high expenses obstruct FDI

Heavy traffic jams, lack of a public mass transit system and outstanding living expenses are the major obstacles to foreign direct investments in Yangon, according to an advisor for the commerce ministry. “Foreign investors mainly seek to do business within a 50-mile radius of Yangon City. Living expenses should be reasonable. The most important thing […]