Education always a major focus for Japan’s bilateral cooperation with Myanmar

Myanmar and Japan enjoy a long-standing strong bilateral relationship across a wide range of political, economic, social and cultural spheres. Reflecting this, Japan’s economic cooperation to Myanmar dates back to as early as 1954. Throughout the history of the bilateral cooperation, education has always been a major area of focus, as Japan sees it as […]

The entrance of 2 Innovative Agri-Mobile Apps in Myanmar

Agriculture is the largest sector of Myanmar’s economy – a 2015 survey by the Department of Labour found that it is the main job of more than 54% of the working population. Given that mobile phone penetration in Myanmar’s market is so high, it is now possible to transmit useful information to remote farmers. Input […]

Myanmar rice price falls as Chinese demand slows

Rice prices are falling in quiet rainy-season trading, as a weaker yuan makes Myanmar exports to the world’s second-largest economy less competitive and arrests in China in connection with the rice trade discourage buyers across the border. U Thein Zaw, chair of the Mandalay rice trading centre, said on July 5 that the price of […]