Reaching your target audience

Is Myanmar so different from other emerging markets that you must use a totally different approach?

Our experience shows that good marketing principle works in any market including Myanmar. What is required is on the ground intelligence of the different market conditions and the different actors in the local market. What works in Indonesia or Vietnam can still work in Myanmar with some adjustments for local market conditions.

Our client Slipform Systems Austria (SSA) engaged us to reach the Managing Directors (MDs) & Chief Engineers in major construction companies in Myanmar. SSA markets an innovative form of quick construction method called “slip form construction method” that can build tall towers like chimney at power plant or control tower at the airport in one-third of the time and without the need for skilled labour.

We identified a list of major construction companies in Myanmar and made appointment to interview the MDs and the Chief Engineers. After ascertaining the needs of the target audience we did the following to further the interest of our client in Myanmar:

  • conducted a seminar for the engineering teams at major construction & engineering companies to explain the benefits of this unique construction method
  • put out a series of technical article in Burmese about slipform method of construction in technical journals that are published by the Myanmar Construction Entrepreneurs Association and the Myanmar Engineering Society
  • take action to own the keyword “slip form” in Myanmar on Google Search and associate it with our client SSA

See the photos below of the letter we send out to MDs of construction companies on our target list, the seminar we organized and the strategic placements of technical writeout in relevant technical and industry journals that explain the unique form of construction method that our client specialized in and also how we own the keywords “myanmar slip form” for our client on Google. Our objective is to raise awareness of this special construction technique and its benefits, introduce our client (SSA) and to create demand for this unique type of construction methods that our client specialized in and make our client visible and contactable to the target audience.


Letter to MD of Construction Companies in Myanmar – introducing our client informing them that our client is looking for business partner in Myanmar and asking for permission to meet them in their office.


Our staff manning the reception at Sedona Hotel Yangon during the seminar.


Mr Jurgen Kindermann (CEO,SSA) and our MD Mr Andrew Tan of Consult-Myanmar.


Mr Jurgen presenting about slipform construction technique to the audience comprising of construction and engineering professionals from the construction industry in Myanmar.


One of the slides from the presentation.


One of the slides from the presentation.


One of the slides from the presentation.


Engineering professionals from the Construction Industry attending the seminar.

Refreshments after the seminar.


Some of our staff.


We did not just stop at seminar. We took a very low cost approach to reaching the other professionals that did not come to our seminar.We placed technical writeouts in Burmese in the Myanmar Construction Entrepreneurs Association Journal in April, May and June 2015 edition as well as in the Myanmar Engineering Society Journal – explaining the benefits of slipform construction method.Target audience: Construction Engineers at construction and engineering companies in Myanmar.

Google search result for "myanmar slip form"

After reading the technical articles that we have placed in the relevant industry journals – we also make it easy for people in the construction industry in Myanmar to find our client online. Just google the keyword “myanmar slip form” and you will find our client’s Myanmar event page on Consult-Myanmar’s website at the top of Google’s search result with all the info necessary to reach our client.

To evaluate the various segments of the market that you could possibly enter base on your competencies you can do a Custom Market Entry Strategy Research. You can see a sample report at page “Actual Sample of Client Report”. Click here to go to page.

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