Wholesale, Trading and Retail Sectors open to Foreign Investment

Based on Ministry of Commerce Directive 25/2018 dated 9th May 2018 – the wholesale, trading and retail business is now opened to 100% foreign investment and JV. This pertains to all goods that are domestically manufactured or imported from abroad, except those prohibited by law.

The liberalisation measure, the directive explained, was to foster competition in the sector to provide more options, cheaper options and better options for consumers across the country. This will bring in technology and quality products for the sector, facilitate growth of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), attract more foreign investments and create jobs. It will also help “prevent unfair competitions among the distributors, who are exploiting the consumers.”

Minimum Capital Requirement1

1 Capital investment excludes rental fees
2Joint Venture must have at least 20% local Myanmar shareholding

As of 21st May 2019 under MOC Notification No. 23/2019 – trading in construction materials, hospital equipment, insecticide, fertilizers, seeds and agricultural equipment have now been brought under this Wholesale & Retail registration law as well.


  • No foreign or foreign JV allowed to operate mini-markets and convenience stores with floor area of ≤ 929 square meters, including retail activities.
  • No foreign or foreign JV will be allowed to engage in prohibited activities under the law.